On-Goal is a customizable program that consists of a combination of options to help members make real and substantial progress toward improving their health status, eliminating or reducing risk of chronic disease, increase compliance, and lower medical costs. On-Goal offers a personalized approach empowering people to sustain positive behavior and lifestyle changes!



All-in-One Cost Containment Solution!

How Does On-Goal Work?

Diabetes is one of the most important and most expensive ongoing health challenges for the United States. It not only affects rising health care costs, but it can also affect business productivity. Therefore, On-Goal is focused on helping individuals improve lives by managing diabetes which may reduce the average health care costs up to approximately 10%, with fewer hospital and ER visits.* Our processes are simple and our strategies drive results.

Personalized Approach for Personalized RESULTS!

Our Licensed, Registered Dietitians work with each individual to design a personalized care path to meet their health needs, better manager their conditions, and establish consistent lifestyle changes. To fully understand each individual we focus on:

  1. Lifestyle behaviors and changes

  2. Clinical assessments

  3. Medication reviews

  4. Established action plans and goals

  5. Continuous member outreach

  6. Scientifically-based education

With these initiatives, we are able to help improve member engagement and increase compliance resulting in improved lifestyle behaviors and optimal health outcomes.


Total Costs of Diagnosed Diabetes has risen to $327 BILLION*

* According to The American Diabetes Association research, data shows the increase from $245 billion in 2012 to $327 billion in 2017. A 26% increase over a five-year period


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Customize the Perfect Solution

You choose the program(s) you want – we do the rest!

Together, we can help you customize a solution to meet your unique needs, help improve population health and effectively reduce overall healthcare costs.

*Journal of Managed Care Pharmacy (JMCP). Medical claim cost impact of improved diabetes control for Medicare and commercially insured patients with type 2 diabetes. Published October 19, 2013. Accessed December 10, 2019.